Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil. (1 John 3:8)

Throughout past generations, it was principally Christians who amongst other accomplishments have fought slavery and trafficking, aJesus sets free.bolished child labour, established medical and educational establishments for the disenfranchised, cared for the handicapped and the aged, and helped to birth a free press. 

The Christian men and women understood that the Mandate to effect Justice was contained within, and not apart from "the gospel".  Conversely, a Christian Church in any age that leaves the poor and the vulnerable to be exploited, and does not engage the dark forces that conspire to oppress them, is not being faithful to the commission of Jesus.

Justice Mandate exists to mobilise the Christian Church towards a lifestyle of fasting, informed prayer and peaceful grassroots action for the release of kingdom justice into our (Australian) society.  By JUSTICE, we mean principally a concern for the just treatment and protection of people who are otherwise vulnerable to exploitation and predation.  By MANDATE, we mean both the obligation and the authority to bring God’s power to bear to that end.

In the name of Jesus Christ, we oppose the deliberate destruction of unborn children, the prostitution of our daughters and sons, the pornification of our culture (particularly as it relates to children), and the erosion of marriage and the family as the cornerstone of our society.  We seek a society where marriages are strong, children are safe and the vulnerable are protected.  We abhor the situation into which so many of our native Australians are born and that to which many who come to this land to seek asylum are consigned.    And as with many others, we advocate strategies that lift up the condition of the poor rather than those that wider the economic gulf.

All of these matters are a Christian concern because God himself remains vitally interested in the circumstances of ordinary people.  He has provided in Jesus not merely a saviour to pardon our own conduct, but also an advocate to defend us against the conduct of others.  We understand that the principal means by which the rule of Christ is established in these matters is through the fasting, informed prayer and peaceful grassroots action of his Church and so we seek to stir Christians to those ends.