Unborn child at 28 weeks.There is no greater injustice in the world today than abortion, either in its scale or its nature – what it is and means.  Other issues rightly attract our outrage and our prayer, but the deliberate destruction of so many innocent lives by the very people whom God has ordained to be their loving protectors is an injustice without equal.

More than 1 out of every 4 Australian pregnancies end in an abortion, making the womb of an Australian woman one of the most perilous places on the earth.  Over 100,000 unborn babies are killed annually in this country;  8,000 of those in Western Australia.  These figures make abortion the single leading cause of preventable or unpreventable death for Australians of all ages, greater than the impact of heart disease, stroke and all cancers put together, more than seventy times the national road toll, and more than 300 times the number of murders recognised as such by our criminal justice system.

The fact that this terrible toll is exacted with the full complicity of the state and barely raises an eyebrow in the community at large or even in the Christian Church, makes it only the more chilling.  While many other terrible acts of injustice and wickedness take place every day in this nation, there is no other instance where the scale of response and concern is so grossly disproportionate to the scale of the injustice.  It seems that in modern Australia our collective moral outrage is reserved almost in its entirety for the welfare of cattle and whales, with diminishing investments of concern as the stakes grow higher, so that the safety and welfare of young children receives scant attention, and the plight of the unborn is seldom even contemplated.  Sadly, this is often the case even within the Christian Church.

The vast disparity between the gravity of the issue and the level of engagement by Christians is no accident, nor does it in the least diminish the significance of what is at stake.  On the contrary, just as God the true Father is intimately concerned for the welfare of his children – born or otherwise – Satan is remaining true to his nature as a liar and murderer.  One of the devil’s principal strategies is to keep the Church from coming into alignment with the heart of God by keeping her from realising that not only is abortion significant to God, but it is a spiritual stronghold that he requires the Church to engage with and to displace.  

There is no other situation on which the heart of Father God is more moved to establish his justice than he is on behalf of the unborn.   In contradistinction to our own feelings on the matter, heaven is intimately concerned with the plight of the unborn.  To a nation that is bent on the destruction of its own children, God himself says that he is a Father to them.  And that as a true Father, he has purposed to act and to bring an end to abortion in our generation.   Just as the blood of Abel cried out from the ground for justice, so now the blood of an estimated two million babies is crying out from Australian soil.  God says that he is the God who sees and the God who hears.  He will not hear them less for our indifference, but rather all the more.  He will not fail to deliver justice.

In this moment, God is calling on the Church of Jesus Christ in Australia to rise up in prayer and partner with him to that end.  Spiritually, abortion is the altar on which the blood sacrifices of children are blithely offered up to the modern gods of materialism, lifestyle and self-indulgence.   Left intact, it is a spiritual stronghold that serves to enable and empower many diverse manifestations of wickedness and violence in our communities.  For all these reasons this issue of abortion is vital ground that the Kingdom of God must occupy in order to more thoroughly and generally break the power of the enemy over our families and communities and to usher in revival for our nation.  The generation that understands these things and acts upon them will find that all of heaven is ready to move in response to their prayers.  They will see not only an end to abortion, but also an outpouring of God’s Spirit that will touch and renew every aspect of our society.

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